UFC 94: St. Pierre VS Penn FREE Live Stream

Georges St. Pierre will face BJ Penn on the Ultimate Fighting Championship event dedicated to them - UFC 94: St. Pierre VS Penn. This UFC event will take place on January 31, 2009 at the MGM Grand Arena at Las Vegas, Nevada. Millions of UFC fans around the world are now so excited to watch the UFC 94 Live Stream which will be available on several good websites with streaming rights.

This UFC 94 is really exciting! Who's your bet among the two UFC fighters who will face on the main event?! Actually I don't have any idea else if who among them will win. But surely, the UFC 94 will seem to be the rematch of this two historic fighters aiming for the Welterweight Championship title. So let us not forget to watch the UFC 94 Fight Video online and see the mightiest fighter on the night.

Scrubs Season 8 Episode 5: My ABC's

Watch Scrubs Season 8 Episode 5 Online

The TV series Scrubs is now on its 5th episode of the 8th season. The title of this episode is "My ABC's". In this episode, J.D. tries to use Sesame Street Muppets to teach the new interns. Interesting!
Scrubs Season 8 Episode 5

This half-hour comedy focuses on the bizarre experiences of fresh-faced medical intern John "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff) as he embarks on his healing career in a surreal hospital crammed full of unpredictable staffers and patients – where humor and tragedy can merge paths at any time.

Joining the rumpled J.D. in his exhilarating brave new world are his college buddy, Chris Turk...

TNA Genesis 2009 FREE Live Streaming

TNA Genesis 2009 will commence tomorrow, January 11, 2009 which will be held at North Carolina where it is said to have the most number of TNA fans around the world. This event will feature different professional wrestling matches and the highlights of this one is the comeback of Mick Foley. Below is a list of sites with TNA Genesis 2009 Free Live Streaming:

Enjoy watching TNA Genesis 2009! I will just now look for some cool Friendster Layouts.

Watch Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 12: Connect! Conect!

Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 12: Connect! Connect! will air on January 11, 2009. Don't forget to Watch Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 12!

Here is the Overview of Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 12:

Connections lead to surprising resolutions. Susan and Edie are forced to spend time alone together when they accidentally lock themselves in a basement. Bree's devious plotting against Andrew's future mother-in-law in an attempt to keep him close to her comes at a cost. Gabrielle loses control of her children and turns to Carlos for help. The ongoing search for Porter leads Lynette to her mother. Katherine and Mike will define their relationship. Meanwhile, Dave gets a step closer to exacting revenge.

If you want to Watch Desperate Housewives Season 5 Episode 12, I can only provide the preview video of the TV episode.

SEO Barracks is Extending

Today, I decided to extend the categories of SEO Barracks to give meaning of what is SEO. Therefore, this blog will now have different trendy keywords for some SEO experiments.

I came up with this decision after I fail in looking for ways to Watch Bedtime Stories Online. Wish me good luck about this matter and in the future, I will share how good is my improvement.

Entering College

The school year for 2008-2009 is about to end in just 3 months. Students from high school, specifically 4th year high school students are now preparing in entering college. One of the most prominent universities here in the Philippines is the University of Santo Tomas.

Annually, there is the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test or USTET. This is a screening for all high school students who want to enter the university. Normally, there are several testing dates in a year and the results are released by January of the following year.

USTET Results 2009 will be released on Janury 12, 2009 so students will know by that dat their application status in the university. Good luck to all!